Adult & Adult Plus Faerie Costumes

This year its good to be a Faerie for Halloween. There are so many choices of really great Faerie Costumes. You can go as wholesome or as Sexy as you want. And the choices aren’t limited to size 6’s either. There are plenty of stunning Adult Plus size costumes to go around.

Lets check a Few out:

Tooth Fairy Costumes

Tooth Fairy AdultTooth Fairy Adult Costume, there are actually two tooth fairy costumes. The one shown here is a classical tooth fairy, like the one which visited you as a child. You remember her don’t you? The other which is not shown is from the movie tooth fairy, but is a funny costume for sure, but for men.

The Tooth Fairy costume is classical white skirt, top combo and includes the wand, tiara. For a really good price you can get the wig as well. The consumer reviews give it 4.5 stars out of a possible 5. This is one costume which is most definitely not limited to Halloween. One reviewer stated it was for neighborhood use as a Tooth Fairy of all things, for neighborhood kids.

Mommy to Be Faerie CostumeMommy-to-Be Fairy Adult Costume

Mommy to Be Fairy costume Includes the Tie-Dyed peasant dress, headpiece and wings, all for a great low price. Its good for mommies to be up to size 12 and for a couple of dollars more you can pick up a wand. The nice thing about this dress is its unique.

At first glance you likely wouldn’t guess that this dress is tie-dyed because it looks great and the pattern isn’t the typical swirl pattern.

Despite this being a “mommy to be costume”, the dress is still well above the knees and sexy in appearance. So if the extra weight you’ve gained through pregnancy has made you self-conscience, you’ll love this Mommy-to-Be costume for its ability to turn heads and let you see that your worries are unfounded.

True Blue Fairy Light Up Costume

True Blue Fairy (Light-Up) Adult CostumeIf you want something that really stands out consider this True Blue Fairy Light Up Costume. Not only is it drop dead sexy, but it lights up to draw everyones eyes to you, as it should.

This Stunning True Blue Fairy Light Up Costume is available in sizes small to extra large. Yes, you read that right, from size small to extra large! Adult Plus sizes also sold separately.

This babydoll dress design is lit up by fiber optics and the controller fits in a pocket sewn into the inside of the dress offering you easy and full control of when to let your light shine.

The wings, headpiece, silver rope belt, light up wand, and batteries are included with this Costume.