Mystical Faerie Costumes

Faerie Costumes are popular because Faeries are popular. Faerie Costumes are based on thousands of years of the written word. Folklore and legend abound in tales of mystical winged creatures both good and evil. Of course the most popular spellings are Faerie and Fairy.

Many of these Faerie legends have been popularized by novels and in modern times by cinema. The Faerie Costumes website will guide you in rediscovering and acquiring these timeless costumes.

Faerie Costumes for Adults

Faeries Costumes for atrueblue_front-backdults are numerous. The adult faerie sizes include adult plus on many costumes. And as with Child Faerie costumes come with many accessories. See the Faerie Costume Accessories page for a healthy lineup of add-ons.

Of course many Deluxe Faerie Costumes come with most of what is needed to make the costume complete. For example, wands, wings, and headpieces are often included in both Deluxe and Premium costumes.

As an adult you have options, you can go for the classical Faerie Costume straight up, or lean toward a sexier version of this costume. Some of these sexier costumes include the Faerie Adult Costume, which is seen here. Also consider the super sexy True Blue Fairy Light Up Costume, Not only will you shine in this super short beautiful blue dress, but it lights up so every eye will be on you. There are so many Sexy Faerie (Fairy) costumes that you might want to compare them all side by side, so please visit our highly recommended store for this side by side comparison of the sexy Faerie Costumes.


Or you can check out all 381 Fairy Costumes and accessories or all 94 faerie Costumes by clicking on their links now.


Or view all Adult Plus Only Fairy or Adult Plus Only Faerie Costumes

Faerie Costumes for Teenagers

Teen Faerie Costumes are sized right for those in between child and adult sizes. They are sometimes referred to as tween sizes when the fall between a child size and a teen size. These Faerie Costumes are every bit as attractive and complete as the adult sized costumes and sometimes even a bit more fun.

A Fun example of the Teen Faerie Costume is the GraveyGraveyard Fairy Child Costumeard Fairy Child Costume. This costume is sized in pre-teen or tween size as mentioned above. As you can see this costume screams fun, its wicked wings accent the shiny pink dress and lace up bondice, The Arm bands are included so no worries about needing to purchase anything extra to make this look as good on you as it does on the picture. More than likely you have some nice boots, but if not, fear not, you can get them at the same time as an add-on or the recommended ballet slippers.

This is only one of the many great Teen Faerie Costumes to choose from, check them all out now. Teen Faerie Costumes.

And for those savvy shoppers there are quite a few Teen Faerie costumes on clearance as well. Now being on clearance just means you save more money, not that the costumes aren’t as detailed or in many cases breath taking as the non-clearance fairy costumes. Check out all the Teen Faerie Clearance Costumes.

Child Faerie Costumes

Cupcake Fairy Toddler-Child CostumeNow by child Faerie Costumes, we mean between toddler and teen, or a tween between either. These Faerie costumes are cute as you might expect. For example one of the cutest Fairy Costumes you can find is the Cup Cake Fairy with sizes from toddler to child.

This costume is an original concept for sure…everyone will be commenting on how cute your daughter is in this costume. As cute as this costume is, the costume alone won’t be enough, you might also consider the tights, shoes, wings, headband and wand to get the full effect. Especially the wand and headband as they are a perfect match for this darling costume.

But this is only one of many adorable child faerie costumes, why not compare them all now.

Toddlers and Infant Faerie Costumes

The Toddler and Infant Faerie costumes can be exhausting. How so? Once Tulip Fairy Infant-Toddler Costumeyour little one puts on one of these costumes, you will very likely be taking constant pictures.

One of the cutest costumes arguably is the Tulip Fairy Costume. The costume includes the booties, dress and headpiece and is seriously cute.

It is sized to fit from toddlers to 24 months, has a 4 ½ stars rating and received rave reviews, no doubt just like the ones your child will be getting.

But as with all the above costumes, this is but one great costume.

Check out all the Toddler and Infant Faerie Costumes and good luck picking out just one.

Costume Accessories

As you browse this website or that of please read the costume descriptions carefully, Some costumes come complete with everything shown in the Picture and some don’t. Some costumes only come with the costume but you may need to purchase the extras.

The Good News is that the costumes are very inexpensive and many on sale and there is a 110% price guarantee to boot. And lots of reduced price or Free shipping options. So don’t settle for half a great look, its price right to get the complete look you know you’ll be happiest with.


See our Accessories page and check the costume descriptions to ascertain exactly what is included.


Faeries or Fairy’s either way, they are Fun

How many movies, books or TV shows can you think of which had Faeries in them?

Lets see if we can name a few. Lets start with a hard one first. Television Shows. Can you think of any? How about Sesame Street? Yup Sesame Street. Wanda the Word Fairy or Abby Cadabby the Fairy in Training.

How about the Movies, what are some of the more well know Fairies from the movies. A given of course would have to be Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. But who else comes to mind?

The Absinthe Green Fairy might be a fresh thought or perhaps the The Tooth Fairy.

We have famous fairies right out of the classics like the Musical the Nut Cracker with the Sugar Plum Fairy. And from folklore and in our great books and theater we have popular faeries such as Titania, Oberon and Puck.

And no doubt this list of famous faeries will continue to grow as long as we continue to use our imaginations in combination with the Arts.